• Flanges  
  • Caps
  • Railing panels
  • Finials
  • Scroll work
  • Plaques
  • Lighting components
  • Sign components
  • Flanges for aluminum construction
  • Custom door handles and pulls
  • We have  the capability to get the job done!
  • Design Assistance
  • We have a team of very talented people with backgrounds in casting,
    machining, fabrication, welding, finishing and  sheet metal to find the best
    solutions for our customers.
  • Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Castings :Aluminum Brass & Bronze  from  two inches to eight feet long,
    multiple alloys
  • Welding and heat treating ( gives  us special  design  and fabrication
  • Finishes : shot blasted, sand blasted, polished, anodized, plated,  
       powder coated.
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Custom Architectural Solutions   
Hawver Aluminum Foundry Inc          Tampa, Florida
.                                                               Phone  813-961-1497
                                                                         Fax 813-963-0667
We have been producing  custom metal architectural products for over thirty five years
and have satisfied  customers from Tampa to California.